Kuvana~Coban Kopegi

Stud~Bison Aslanda Goutte Noire~Import Semen

Kuvana is proud to present

☆ Bison Aslanda Goutte Noire☆

French import semen

from the Renowned "Stonecoat Farm"

Bison was imported from France by Stonecoat Farm in 2016 from Aslanda Goutte Noire 

Bison has a superb laid back temperament, he possesses substantial bone with tremendous reach and drive, he has a proud and rugged look, great topline and

a handsome head.

Bison shows excellent working ability with his goats and is super gentle.

*He will bring great working ability and stable temperament good bone and size to future Kuvana puppies.

Bison at 20 months old

Bison Jan 2017

Gorgeous discerning face

Bison 10 Months old


Bison baby puppy

Bison's Dam ~ Fantosh export from Turkey to France

Bison's Sire ~ Irkos Aslanda Goutte Noire

Sire's Sire ~ Gamsize Aslanda Goutte Noire

Sire's Dam ~ Firtina Aslanda Goutte Noire