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New Zealand Champion Kazana Basarili Akiva

From worldwide known renowned breeders Kangal Kennels~Onur Kanli, Turkey & Du Bonnie Blue Flag~Anne Hupel, France. A special Thanks to KangalDogs Kazana, The Czech Republic.

 NZ CH KAZANA BASARILI AKIVA  is the heart & soul of Kuvana.

Kuva's temperament is calm and manageable, balanced soft and friendly to people and children and all animals, my horses, sheep, cows, and pet parrots, also other fur friends (dogs)outside of the home, she takes after her mother's gentle nature, Luna.

I made no mistakes when I imported my Kuva from The Czech Republic,  It was with the support of Kangaldogs Kazana who spent the time and effort for "project Kuva" & Fleischer's Rottweilers, The late Rob Ayley, who helped me with communication and paperwork for her transportation. Kuva and I bonded straight away and I was so excited to finally have her arrive home in New Zealand.

Kuva had already obtained numerous wins in Europe and unfortunately, the last show, she was at, her sister won, so Kuva just missed out on coming here as a Slovakian Junior Champion, but with no time left to get her into another show as flights were already booked. She still comes with many wins to be very proud of.

Now shown here to New Zealand Champion. She is also the proud mum of 15 puppies in New Zealand and one in Australia and the love and pride of Kuvana today.

 Kuva's Dam CZ GRAND CHAMPION SLV CH PL CH SLK CH DUZEN ~LUNA KANGAL DU BONNIE BLUE FLAG Luna comes from Du Bonnie Blue flag in France (Former Anatolian Pastevee dogs).



*VP 1st x 2 Best CACIB show, Budapest.

*VP 1st x 2 Best FCI World Dog Show, Budapest, Hungary.

*VP 2nd Best Prague EXPO Dog Show.

*Best of Royal Canin Dog Show, Slovakia

*Junior Winner of Slovakia (Moloss Club)

*VP 1st x 2 (CAJC) Royal Canin Dog show, Slovakia.

*VP 1st (CAC) Royal Canin Speciality Show

*VP 2nd Danube (CACIB) International Dog Show, Bratislava.

Kuva's Dam Luna is top Europian Kangal



                                               *WORLD WINNER  2010 & 2012                                             




               *RESERVE WORLD WINNER 2013           

       *Club Junior WinnerMC CZ 2009 & SK & MC

                                                 * CZECH REPUBLIC GRAND CHAMPION 

                                                       * CZECH REPUBLIC CHAMPION  

                                          *CENTRAL EASTERN EUROPEAN WINNER  2010

                                                            * CHAMPION of SLOVAKIA                                                       

                                                                  * POLISH CHAMPION

                                                                 * WINNER of  POLAND                                                                                                                  *WORLD EXPO and the 2010 EUROPEAN

                                                               * SLOVAKIAN CHAMPION 

                                       *THE WINNER of "BOB" at 2009 WORLD EXPO & 2010

                                                                  *EUROPEAN SHOW

                                                            *BOS at 2010 WORLD EXPO

                                                             * SLOVAKIAN CHAMPION

                                               * SLOVAK CHAMPION of YOUNG BEAUTY 

                                                         * 16 X WINNER of  BOB BREED 

                                                          *CZECH JUNIOR CHAMPION                                                   

                                                       *EUROPEAN CLUB WINNER 2010     

                                                         *13 x CACIB    3 X BEST YOUNG                                     

                                                             * 20 X CAC           7 X CAJC

Kuva's Dam Luna is daughter of Yamana ~ KUBAL LAIKA BRUCHAUSER WALL,  From Kahraman and Laice who produced many wonderful dogs among them CEYLAN KANGAL LAIKA BRUCHAUSER WALL, WORLD WINNER 2003 and Multiple title holder BUNDESSIEGER, EUROPEAN and BEST of BREED, BREED Winner, also female AYLA SARI KANGAL Von KITAP ORMAN, Junior Champion and Champion VDH, Europe,BOB. Yaman is also the father of The World Junior Winner TARA-OPALE-KANGAL DU BONNIE BLUE FLAG. Tara is the mother of ENDEVER FRIDAN ELMAS KANGAL~Polish Champion and Dutch junior champion, who produced many excellent offspring in Poland, bred by M. Dar Kostanowicz. She is also aunt to DALMA KANGAL, Laika Bruchhauser wall, a beautiful dog from the USA-UKC Champion Kaan of Misty Acers, and his sister, Champion UKC and BOB at the special show Kangal Dog Club of America, YASEMIN OF MISTY ACERS.

Grandmother on the mother's side MANETTE(S 'YAMAN-A TIT INITIAL) Comes from Turkey (Ulas) and has a great temperament (like Yamans puppy father).

Luna's temperament is calm, balanced, manageable soft and friendly to children and animals as is Kuva with my pet parrots, horses, and Suffolk sheep and all she meets.

Kuva's Sire Tolga is 

from the grandsire Volga who is a Turish Champion owned and bred by renowned breeder Onur Khanli


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