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My dogs are not just my pets and my lifestyle alongside my horses at SilverMoons Stud, they are my family, my friends & my guardians.



              Kuvana Shere Khan & Kuvana Askalon


My first Anatolians were imported from Australia back in 2004,  I could not wait to meet my two fur babies and let the adventures begin

Cujo & Neva 

I met my first Anatolian Shepherd Dog in 1992 When I visited a large cattle and sheep farm in Masterton, New Zealand.  A very large bitch named Beaver, she had the biggest kennel outside with a tunnel that went under one side to a cave and out the other,  it clearly pays to have a safe escape route!

I spent the weekend evenings in front of the fire cuddling with Beaver. She was great soul company, and needless to say,  I did not want to go home.  I promised myself that one day when I owned my own land I would be adding one of these amazing and beautiful dogs to my life.

When that day finally came,  the first thing I wanted on 13 acres was a guardian to make me feel secure and finally bring this beautiful breed into my world. Most of my life I always had large dogs, mostly German Shepherds and for 6 years I bred my beloved Siberian Huskies Under Kennel Akiska.  I thought why just get one Anatolian Shepherd Dog, clearly, it needs some company, so I organized to import two puppies from our neighbor Australia.


Sting & Cujo

♡ Neva & Cujo♡

I never thought that I would enter the show ring, but I decided to do just that, So off I went to learn about the show world with my puppies.

So the adventures really began

2004 Horowhenua Association Championship show Cujo takes all 

Cappadocia Oliver ~ Cujo

*Best of Breed x 2 & Baby Puppy of Breed x 2*


9th Puppy Stakes

New Zealand Kennel Club Judges Association

Horowhena~Kapiti Branch

Open Show~Reserve Best Of Group



We even made the local Chronicle paper


The next Show Things change, Neva comes home with all the wins

Horowhenua Kennel association Ribbon Parade

Cappadocia Natalka C  "Neva"

*Best of Group*

*Puppy of Group*




Cujo was made up to New Zealand Champion at 10 years old, by my dear late friend Rob Ayley, may Rob & Cujo both R.I.P.

*New Zealand Champion Cappadocia Oliver "Cujo"

Cujo would rather be home on the farm, than the show ring.


Now my journey continues with new Imports from The Czech Republic ,  Australia and France (US Semen) already made up to NZ Champions and now my first females from my kennel name to NZ Champion, their daughters Palace,  Aby and Aska.


*New Zealand Champion Kazana Basarili Akiva, Imp Czh

*New Zealand Champion Takas Mufasa, Imp Aus

*New Zealand Champion Kuvana Atari Mountain Palace

*New Zealand Champion Kuvana Abyssina


   Kuva                                         Stone                               Palace

To find further info on each dog refer to Kuvana's Fur friends links and their individual pages.

New Zealand Champion Kuvana Abyssinia


 I look forward to many more adventures ahead with future puppies.


See their personal photo albums for more info


Kuvana Abisinnia


Kuvana Belshevvay


Kuvana Siyah Panter