Kuvana Atari Mountain Palace

New Zealand Champion Kuvana Atari Mountain Palace



This fabulous first Kuvana born bitch is fast and agile, she is a happy joy dog and is a great alert guard.  Palace has many personalities she loves going to the beach, been in the car, the show ring, visiting, farm life, and people but most of all she loves stealing from me! Magpie!   She is a very busy bee.

favorite thing is catching and fetching her ball ...until... I'm done~ right! Never Misses catching a biscuit mid-air. 

 She is the daughter of my precious madame Kuva, Foundation of Kuvana who brings top producing Turkish, French and Australian  Anatoilian/Kangal Shepherd Dog lines to New Zealand.  

DAM~ NZ Ch Kazana Basarili Akiva "Kuva"


SIRE~NZ Ch Takas Mufasa "Stone"




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